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All the following took place during SATToSE 2014 in L’Aquila:

Invited talks

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  • Marianne Huchard, Relational Concept Analysis: Mining Multi-relational Datasets for Assisted Class Model Evolution, p. 6.
  • Leon Moonen, Assessment and Evolution of Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Product Families, pp. 3–4.
  • Alexander Serebrenik, Human Aspects of Software Engineering, p. 2.
  • Tanja Vos, Test Automation at the User Interface Level, p. 5.


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  • Angela Lozano, Gabriela Arevalo, Kim Mens, Co-Occurring Code Critics, pp. 10–13.
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  • Alexander Serebrenik, Hackathon Introduction
  • Alexandre Bergel, Pharo visualisations.
  • (coming soon)

Technology showdown

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