All participants are invited to submit to the postproceedings. Your submission may be a revision of a paper presented at SATToSE 2015, but it doesn’t have to be.

While the preproceedings were meant for our internal use (to share the presentation abstracts with other participants), the postproceedings will be properly published in the open access CEUR Workshop Proceedings.

Submission guidelines

  • Authors: anybody as long as at least one co-author attended SATToSE 2015
  • Title: paper title should not be identical to already published (or pending) publications) of the same (co-)authors
  • Length: around 8-12 pages
  • Peer Review: by submitting, you agree to be asked to (anonymously) review a couple of other submissions
  • Topics: relevant topics are as in the original call (
  • Content: without the traditional demand that a paper should present finished results, we would expect the review process to focus on the comprehensibility of the submission and the systematic approach presented there; as before, both work-in-progress, overviews and tool-oriented papers are appropriate.
  • Date: submission deadline is 15 November 2015. If you have not submitted by then, we assume you are not interested in submitting to the postproceedings.
  • Publication: will eventually end up on
  • Please adhere this LaTeX style file, compatible with the CEUR Workshop Proceedings, and mentioning the name of the event. See this example document.
  • You also need to fill and sign the copyright template upon submission.
  • Could you please let us know ASAP whether you are planning to submit something and how many pages your intended submission will take? The reason we ask is that the whole postproceedings volume should have *at least* 40 pages excluding front matter. If this minimum page constraint is not satisfied, CEUR will not allow us to publish the proceedings! (Assuming that we receive at least 5 papers of at least 8 pages each for the postproceedings, which should not present a problem, we will already respect this 40 page lower bound restriction.)

Given the focus of the event, we are specifically interested in relatively short papers serving as companions to longer papers, with the focus on tools and techniques; or reports on new tools and techniques which have not yet resulted in a paper.

Please submit through this link, on or before 15 November 2015 ("anywhere on Earth"):

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