SATToSE 2015 Topics
  • Software analysis and visualisation techniques to support software evolution
  • Object and aspect identification
  • Program transformation, refactoring and migration
  • Data reverse engineering
  • Evolution of data-intensive systems
  • Evolution of process-intensive systems
  • Empirical studies in evolution and maintenance
  • Software evolution for emerging paradigms
  • Formalisms, notations and theories of model-driven software evolution
  • Approaches, methods and languages for expressing model-driven software evolution
  • Supporting processes and tools for managing model-driven evolution
  • Coupled evolution of meta-models, models and transformations
  • Classification of (co-)evolution scenarios
  • Conformance checking, inconsistency management, synchronisation, differencing, comparison, versioning, impact analysis of evolving models
  • Industrial needs, case studies and experiences
  • Managerial aspects and process models for software evolution
  • Negative research results in software evolution
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