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SATToSE 2016 will take place in beautiful Bergen, Norway (not to be confused with last year's SATToSE in Bergen, Belgium)


SATToSE 2016 will take place at the University of Bergen, in the “Høyteknologisenteret” building at Marineholmen. We're in the right-hand side of the building (blue interior).


  • Talks are in the Large Auditorium, Room 209M3.
  • Lunch and hackathon are on the ground floor, next to the elevator.


  • The University of Bergen offers eduroam Wi-Fi, which should work for most attendees.
  • If you do not have an eduroam account, or can't get it to work, you can connect to the "uib-guest" network. Enter your phonenumber (with +countrycode first), and you'll receive an SMS with a password.




The local airport, Flesland, is easily reachable by air, with direct connections to major European hubs.

  • KLM flies to/from Amsterdam several times a day
  • SAS flies to/from Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm several times a day
  • Norwegian and British Airways fly to/from London

For more information about flight connections, see the airport web page. We recommend _avoiding_ transferring at Oslo, if possible.

The airport is 15–25 minutes away from the city centre by bus or taxi.

Airport bus: The Airport Express Coach costs NOK 100 and departs every 15 minutes. (Student discounts are available if you have an ISIC student card.) You can buy tickets at the ticket machine or on the bus (slightly more expensive). Credit cards are accepted.

Taxi: This is also a convenient, if more expensive option; cost is around 3–400 NOK. Credit cards are accepted in all taxis.

(Other airports are basically not an option – there are too many fjords and mountains in the way.)


There is a train connection to Oslo – it's known as one of the world most beautiful train rides. But the train takes 7 hours, so it's not very viable option unless you're already in Eastern Norway.

Bus, car, boat, bike etc.

This is generally not an option, unless you're already in the area.


Basically all hotels in the centre of Bergen will be within walking distance. The following hotels have deals with the University:

  • Hotel Grand Terminus
  • Scandic (use booking code D000029132 or call or email and state that you're a guest at the University of Bergen)
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